Math is killing me, what’s up with Indices anyway? I can’t seem to get them right. And there’s hundreds more to complete, i’m not kidding. Tuition rescheduled to Friday instead of our usual Monday and that sucks. I need help right now!!!

Got back Physics test today and flunked it along with some of the people in my class, the only test that i failed from the beginning of this year. Guess i have to work harder. Cause there’s no point in acing Chemistry when Physics pulls me down at the end of the story. Chinese test was awesome, the best mark i had over the past years. (Yes, Chinese isn’t really my forte)

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I seriously can’t wait for Super Junior’s comeback. I’ve been waiting for them for so long, the anticipation really kills tho. Especially when their concept is mature and sexy. *_* No girls can ever resist 13 hot Korean boys on stage again. Bet E.L.F. in Korea would be screaming their heads off, haha.

I suddenly have the urge to eat Kimchi Ramen from Bugis Food Junction.