Ain’t new to wordpress so, no formal introduction needed i guess.  Today’s a boring Sunday as usual, picture me just sitting down on the coffeetable, my bag and what nots scattered on the floor and frowning at the mess i’ve made to my drawings. Being art-ish isn’t my thing after all. At least i tried my best in whatever i do, it makes life abit more enjoyable; i think.

On a random note, Uncle came today and repaired my computer, hotmail is working for me again. AWESOME.

Tomorrow’s another gruelling week of school. At least i’m not piled up with homework and tests at the moment. I think i shall spend my time trying to relax, if not my head would be full of white hairs and pimples blooming in the wrong places. :( Kinda looking forward to Carol’s birthday celebration at Suki this Friday. And adding on, family chalet on Saturday at Johor.

Seeing Mum and Dad slogging their guts off at work and still able to manage their extra lessons made me realized what kind of never-say-die attitude that they have. They are both in their early fifties but yet they are dying to upgrade themselves whenever they can. What can i say about myself? I’m not even working hard enough to be compared to them. But still, best parents i have; i should be proud of them.

Currently addicted to Just Dance by Lady Gaga. See, i’m being weird again.